Cinnamon (Hail) Balls

The devastating Plague of Hail was more than just small tiny pebble-like hailstones; they were balls of fire and ice that rained from the heavens and inaugurated a paradigm shift in Pharaoh’s Egypt. This is when the story starts to turn. For hail, we have used the British Pesach classic, the cinnamon ball: White on […]

Chocolate frogs

After due warning, the second plague came to Egypt. Aaron stretched his hand out over the waters of Egypt, and frogs swarmed forth. They covered every inch of land, and entered the houses and bedrooms! Wherever an Egyptian turned, whatever he touched, he found there the slimy bodies of frogs, the croaking of which filled […]

Chocolate (Lice) Bark

Never imagined the Plague of Lice or Locusts as a yummy treat? Now you can! No dessert in our arsenal is easier or yummier than this one, and at the same time a great way to get others involved in the action. When we read of the Plague of Lice, where God turned the very […]

Charoset Balls

Charoset is the fruit mixture that is one of the food items on the Seder plate. We dip the maror (bitter herb) in the Charoset. The Charoset is also one of the components, along with maror and matzah, in the Hillel sandwich. The Talmud tells us that the more symbolism we can impart on our […]


I love Pesach! Not so much the cleaning, but the food. The limitations of Pesach food pushes us to get even more creative in the kitchen, and while we have the traditional standard fare we always come back to, its wonderful introducing new treats. Like these nut butter cups, any nut butter will work, choose […]


For years, we have been trying to amuse the younger people at the table with cups of water that turns to blood (actually, it was only a drop of red food dye at the bottom of the glass!). But in recreating the famous plague of blood, where all the water in Egypt, including water already […]